Radiographic Equipment

Support A Customizable Workflow

Canon Omnera 400T

  • Designed to support efficient and customizable workflow, providing a high degree of flexibility to accommodate the needs of patients and healthcare providers
  • Servo tracking to both the wall stand and table to provide precision positioning, with speed and effortless movements
  • Flexible table positioning adjusts for easy patient access and transfer while providing a comfortable working level for healthcare professionals
  • Tube, vertical wall stand, and table all have extended range of motion for patient positioning

Canon URS


  • Motorized movements can be controlled from three different locations for more operator flexibility
  • Allows for fast and simple patient positioning
  • Optional digital touch-screen console manages over 500 anatomical programs
  • Offers a small footprint for space-conscious facilities

Del OTC 18T

The OTC18T Radiographic System delivers enhanced patient comfort and optimized workflow. Precisely designed to withstand high volume throughput in hospital radiology departments, medical imaging centers, and large orthopedic facilities, the OTC18T performs exceptionally well in a broad range of radiographic studies. Synchronized motorized movement of the tube crane’s vertical axis maintains precise centering between the X-ray tube and image receptor.

Available functions include vertical tracking to the wall stand, SID tracking to the elevating table, or horizontally positioned wall stand. The result is quick, accurate alignment without the extra time and effort needed to make additional manual adjustments. Comes in Overhead Tube and Floor Mount.

Del FMT18T

EP Radiological Services, Inc.

Floor Mount Model