DR Panels

New Possibilities Of Digital Radiography


Canon 710C Series

Canon’s next-generation wireless detector line-up takes you to new heights of possibilities in Digital Radiography. Reduced weight, waterproof, on-board memory, and enhanced detector design are just a few of the clinically beneficial new features.

The CXDI-710C Wireless system ensures the best performance in workflow, sensitivity, image quality, and versatility.


  • Conforms to the water and dust resistance rating IP56, as a result, may be used in the harsh environment exposed to water and dust.
  • More durable product design will surely provide you with superior values - better usability, more stable operation furthermore, low maintenance cost.
  • Faster and more stable wireless transfer as a result of 3 powerful high-gain internal antennas giving wider coverage, additionally, better performance.
  • A wireless access point inside the detector makes it truly portable.
  • Operation of the detector - through laptop or workstation.