C-Arm Equipment

State of the Art 3rd Generation Flat Panel Detector.

Omniscope DReam C-Arm, C-Arm Tables - Medstone
Precision Elite Imaging C-Arm Table

Omniscope DReam

C-arm surgical equipment coupled with flat-panel detector

  • General surgical options due to the range of the c-arm generators & flat detectors
  • Ominiscope DReam is available exclusively through EP Radiological Services Inc.

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Ease of Operation

  • Designed specifically to optimize the working space inside the operating suite.
  • Ease of positioning the surgical C-Arm
  • All lock levers are color coded for the corresponding movement.

21x21 cm or 30x30 cm 3rd Generation Flat Panel Detector

Half Dose Exam Feature and Removable Grid

Located on tube as well as, detector sides for precise centering.

Pre-programmed anatomical protocols in order to provide reproducibility of superior image quality

Meeting all interventional vascular examinations needs.

Imaging tables

The Medstone Precision “Elite” series of imaging tables are designed for high patient throughput utilizing the highest quality components and designed for ease-of-use by the medical staff with patient comfort in mind. The tabletop has been designed to give maximum unobstructed imaging allowing 360º rotation, radiation-free coverage around the longitudinal axis of the carbon fiber tabletop, which makes it ideal for 3D imaging studies.

The tabletop pad is also designed to give the patient maximum comfort. It is manufactured utilizing the Stille patient form-fitting Visco/Memory “Sofcare” High-Density foam.